The Team
CEO Mr. Yang Wu

Mr. Wu is a visionary leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and technology development. While a majority of our peers were still focusing on developing lithium iron phosphate-based battery technologies, he defined our goal to create an Ultra-Fast Charging battery and to address the critical constraints for electric vehicle development.

Microvast’s visionary and experienced management team, led by our founders Mr. Yang WU, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman, Mr. Jack Diaokun XIAO, Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Mr. Xiang LI, Senior Vice President (SVP), has enabled us to successfully innovate and commercialize new technologies and establish a leading market position.

COO Diaokun Xiao

Diaokun Xiao has served as our chief operating officer and as a director since our inception in December 2006. From January 2001 to June 2006, Mr. Xiao served as chief operating officer at Omex Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., a water purification company. Mr. Xiao holds a Master’s degree from Chongqing University.

SVP Xiang Li
Mr. Li has more than 30 years of experience in material science. Prior to Microvast, he worked for Omex Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., where he was responsible for developing the world’s first ultrafiltration membrane for water purification. That company was wholly acquired by Dow Chemical in 2006. Since then his work has focused on developing advanced battery components and technologies.